Top 5 Manhattan Pre Filings from March by Square Feet

1) Gotham Organization, on March 6, filed a permit application for construction of a 366-unit, 376,987-square-foot residential building at 60 Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side. According to the plans, the building will also have retail space on the ground floor. The building will also have 115 senior affordable housing units.

2) Taconic Partners, on March 9, filed to construct a 294,761-square-foot, 321-unit, mixed-use building at 308 West 43rd Street in Midtown West. The building will have roughly 25,000-square-feet of commercial space and the average residential unit will be 839-square-feet. Handel Architects is listed as the architect for the proposed building.

3) Toll Brothers, on March 23, filed a permit application for construction of a 73-unit, 91,763-square-foot residential building at 2686 Broadway in the Upper West Side. The building plans state that the ground floor will be dedicated for retail space along with a residential lobby and mail room. Floors 2 through 13 will be used for residential apartments as well as an outdoor recreational area and an exercise room which will both be on the 2nd floor.

4) New York’s Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, on March 12, filed plans to build a 52,319-square-foot building at 20 Randall’s Island. According to the plans, the new building will be complete with tennis courts, a juice par, lounge area, and outdoor viewing terrace.

5) Sharon Huang, on March 23, filed plans to build a 31,986-square-foot, 41-unit, mixed-use building at 89 Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side. Building plans state that there will be retail space located on the ground floor and outdoor recreational space located on the second floor. The average unit size will be 698-square-feet and Raymond Chan will be the architect for the project.

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