About PincusCo Media LLC

PincusCo Media LLC was founded in January 2019 by Adam Pincus. Its mission is to bring actionable real estate news and intelligence to professionals within the New York City property industry.

I started my first company — a souvenir and sculpture manufacturing business — in Chicago in the 1990s. Over the following six years, it grew to seven employees and distribution in Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York and other cities.

I learned to love business; I learned a lot about accounting; I became fluent in Spanish managing a team mostly from Mexico; we developed innovative mold and casting techniques. We sold thousands of small Lincoln busts! But I did not learn enough about the broader business marketplace, and I did not pay attention to the global changes in manufacturing that made our processes outdated.

Wholesalers and retailers were increasingly turning to China for production. The price was low and the quality was steadily improving. Ultimately, my company was absorbed by another, larger firm.

No real estate businessperson today can survive for one year, much less six, being as naive as I had been. Yet the volume of data, information and insights is only growing and because of that becoming ever more perplexing to navigate.

I see a need for an information platform that not only breaks news, but also that breaks it down, and synthesizes and summarizes information from many sources. PincusCo Media will create content, thinking from the point of view of a businessperson.

I’ve spent the last 10 years at The Real Deal, the undisputed market leader for real estate news coverage in New York City and a growing presence nationally. At The Real Deal I reported news, but also early on saw the opportunity and the need to institutionalize its data and research skills.

I suggested, then launched and led the research team for four years, until late 2018. The research team developed powerful databases and tools to analyze and mine information, leading to award-winning stories, a constant flow of scoops and more power and identity for the brand.

Building on that experience, PincusCo Media will break news, interview market leaders and dive into research, with the mission of providing valuable real estate intelligence to the market.