Xiao Wei Zeng plans 18-unit mixed-use building in South Richmond Hill

Xiao Wei Zeng plans to build an 18-unit, mixed-use building at 103-16 Van Wyck Expressway in South Richmond Hill, Queens.

The building will have ground floor retail and eight parking spaces. The parcel is currently occupied by a one-family home and a two-family home.

The plans were disclosed in a zoning map amendment and zoning text amendment, the CEQR fee was paid on June 16. The plans seek a zoning map amendment from a R3A to a R6B/C2-3, and a zoning text amendment to establish a new mandatory inclusionary housing (MIH) area in order to facilitate the new building.

Xiao Wei Zeng purchased the property for $1.2 million on November 13, 2018.

Direct link to ZAP document. LINK

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