Sal Mendolia receives TCO following construction of 41-unit mixed-use building in East New York

Sal Mendolia, on June 4, was issued a temporary certificate of occupancy for construction of a 41-unit, 28,708-square-foot residential building at 975 Liberty Avenue in East New York.

The plans, pre-filed on September 1, 2017, call for the construction of an 80-foot tall, 7-story, residential building.

The project is described in the filings as: new residential building.

The cellar of the building has both commercial and office space. The building has six outdoor parking spaces in addition to a ground-floor parking garage which can fit nine additional vehicles. The ground floor also has a lobby and one commercial store. Floors two through five each have eight dwelling units, the sixth floor has five dwelling units and the seventh floor has four dwelling units. Three of the sixth floor units and two of the seventh floor units have private terraces. The sixth floor also has a 1,116-square-feet recreative area.

The work was done by P Georgopoulos Architect PC.

The property was acquired for $9 million on May 30, 2017.

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