PRD Realty files for more school space in building occupied by Shefa School in NoMad

Scott Domansky, on May 28, filed a permit application worth $80,000 to convert office space to schoolrooms on the sixth floor of PRD Realty’s 62,009-square-foot building at 38 East 29th Street in NoMad.

The plans call for a change in use to a portion of one floor of the 105-foot tall, 10-story building. The Shefa School, a Jewish day school which focuses on children with language-based learning disabilities, occupies a portion of the building, but uses the address 40 East 29th Street.

The plans are stated as: filing herewith to amend the existing certificate of occupancy to convert portion of the 6th floor from offices to school use/occupancy as per plans filed herewith.

The project will leave the sixth floor, which was previously split between school and office space, entirely for school use. The floor plan shows that the ground floor is currently split between office and school space as well, along with a lecture hall and cafeteria. The second floor is used for school space only, while the third floor is also split between school and office use. Floors 4-5 and 7-10 are all used for office space.

The work will be done by Randall P Collins Architect Pc.

Direct link to DOB document. LINK

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