Jewish fund files plans to convert retail space to synagogue in Midwood

The Jewish Heritage Support Fund, through its president Abraham Fruchthandler, on May 27, filed a permit application to convert a retail store space into a synagogue in the 10,520-square-feet building at 1609 Avenue M in Midwood, Brooklyn.

The plans call for a change in use of the 2-story, 25-foot-tall building. The fund bought the building in 2015 for $4 million.

Fruchthandler is a major real estate owner through his FBE Limited.

The plans are stated as: change of use from retail to house of worship. Interior renovation at cellar, first and second floors as per plans filed. Obtain new certificate of occupancy.

The ground floor of the building is currently listed as a beauty parlor, clothing store, and eating and drinking establishment. The project will convert it to a synagogue and rabbi’s office. The second floor offices will be converted to a banquet hall and accessory warming kitchen.

Fruchthandler has been active on multiple fronts as of late, last week the developer signed a loan agreement with Signature Bank valued at $38.5 million for 1 parcel, including the tax class multifamily, semi-fireproof (without stores) (D1) and containing 200 residential units at 883 East 180th Street in Tremont. The deal closed on May 18, 2020 and was recorded on May 22, 2020.

The work will be done by Rise Architecture, per the filing.

Direct link to DOB document. LINK

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