Naftali Group files plans to demolish 136-unit rental in the UWS

Naftali Group, on July 13, filed a permit application for the demolition of a 136-unit residential building at 215 West 84th Street in the Upper West Side, Manhattan. Michael Witek, EVP of construction at Naftali Group, filed the plans.

Naftali purchased the building for $70.2 million last year.

While no new building plans have been filed yet, reports have circulated that the developer plans to construct a high-rise condominium at the site. The developer owns several other buildings in the neighborhood, such as 182 West 82nd Street, 210 West 77th Street, and 221 West 77th Street.

The plans call for the demolition of a seven-story building.

The project is described in the filings as: full demolition of seven story structure, using hand held and mechanical means to assist within and outside of structure.

The property was acquired for $70.2 million on June 9, 2021.

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