Kaushik Patel permitted for 68-key hotel in Longwood Melrose

Kaushik Patel through the company Melrose Hotel LLC, on March 10, was given a permit for construction of a 68-key, 22,031-square-foot hotel building at 290 East 150th Street in Longwood Melrose.

The permit issued was a new building permit.

The plans, pre-filed on March 12, 2020, call for the construction of a 105-foot tall, 10-story hotel building.

Below are zoning diagrams of the building.

The project is described in the filings as: proposed a 10-story with cellar commercial building for hotel use.

Per the plans, the ground floor of the building will have a lobby, office, and five hotel rooms. Floors two through 10 will each have seven hotel rooms per floor.

The property was acquired for $588,000 on January 16, 2014.

Direct link to Acris document. LINK

Direct link to DOB document. LINK

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