Joseph Brunner’s Bruman Realty gets TCO for 182-unit building in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Joseph Brunner’s Bruman Realty, on May 1, was issued a temporary certificate of occupancy for a 182-unit, 144,218-square-foot residential building at 1134 Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The plans called for the construction of a 100-foot tall, 10-story, residential building.

The project is described in the filings as: proposed new 10-story, mixed-use building.

The plans show that the cellar will be used for a physical cultural establishment, indoor recreation space, laundry, and utility rooms. The lobby has two commercial spaces, along with a lobby and parking space. Dwelling units begin on floor three, accompanied by a 3,596-square-feet outdoor recreation space. Floors four through six have 24 units each, floors seven and eight have 22 units, and floors nine and ten have 21 units each. The roof will have 2,978-square-feet of outdoor recreational space.

The property was acquired for $19 million on May 29, 2014.

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