Fifth Avenue Committee receives TCO for 159-unit mixed-use building in Springfield Gardens

Fifth Avenue Committee, on October 8, was issued a temporary certificate of occupancy for construction of a 159-unit, 131,875-square-foot residential building at 161-11 132nd Avenue in Springfield Gardens.

The plans, pre-filed on March 9, 2018, call for the construction of a 97-foot tall, 10-story mixed-use building. The time from pre-file to TCO was two years and seven months.

The project is described in the filings as: it is proposed to construct new 10-story residential building for senior housing and services as shown on plans.

The cellar of the building has storage and office space, as well as personal care services, per the plans. The ground floor has a community room, lobby, social service office, health care center, and 12 dwelling units. Floors two and three each have 23 dwelling units, laundry rooms, and a lounges. The fourth floor has 21 dwelling units, a laundry room, and a lounge. Floors five through nine each have 14 dwelling units, laundry rooms, and lounges, the fifth floor also has a roof garden. The 10th floor has 10 dwelling units, a laundry room, and a lounge. The building also has parking for 90 cars.

SMA Architects was the architect behind the design.

According to reports, the building will be dedicated to family housing.

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