67K sf Bronx school planned on site Cayre Equities sold that yielded large profit

The New York City School Construction Authority, on April 21, filed a permit application for a 67,072-square-feet, 90-foot tall, 5-story school building at 1302 Edward L. Grant Highway in the Mt. Eden neighborhood in the Bronx.

The project is described in the filings as: proposed new five-story school building.

The city bought the site from Kenneth Cayre’s Cayre Equities, which acquired the parcel in 2015 for $4.8 million and sold it to the city in June 2019 for $16.25 million.

The plans show that a cafeteria will be located in the cellar of the proposed building. The ground floor will be used for classrooms, offices, storage, and an exercise room. Floors two through four will have classrooms, offices, and storage space, while the fifth floor will have a multipurpose room.

Cayre in 2016 filed plans for a four-story, 42,263-square-foot warehouse building.

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