Shaul Kopelowitz completes work to increase unit count to 60 in 57K sf rental in Central Harlem

Shaul Kopelowitz, on April 22, was issued a temporary certificate of occupancy for a $328,460 alteration that increased the number of residential units by six for a total of 60 units in the 57,358-square-foot residential building at 148 West 142nd Street in Central Harlem.

The plans, pre-filed on February 27, 2017, call for no change in size but a change in use of the 63-foot tall, six-story building.

The project is described in the filings as: divide existing apartments #21 on second floor, #31 on third floor, #41 & #43 on fourth floor and #51 & #53 on fifth floor. Work to include new fire escape bath and kitchen finishes. No change in bulk and height is proposed in this application.

The initial cost as reported in the DOB filing for the work described in this permit application is $328,460.

The plans show that the building expanded from 54-units to 60-units due to the rehab.

The property was acquired for $16.5 million on June 22, 2016.

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