$18.8M condo plan with eight units submitted in Park Slope

On December 21, Robert Saffayeh of Saffayeh Development submitted a condominium plan for eight residential units at 590 6th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The condo plan, CD210347, has a sellout price of $18.85 million listed with the New York State Attorney General. Robert Saffayeh, Gabriel Saffayeh, and Vyacheslav Faybyshev are listed as the managers.

The developer purchased the site for $4.9 million from the St. Saviours Roman Catholic Church in October of 2020.

In 2018, alteration plans were filed by a previous owner to convert a community facility building, used as sister residencies by the church, to a residential building. The plans called for the change in size and use of the building from a 51-foot tall, four-story, 69,078-square-foot building with 17 residencies to a 54-foot tall, four-story, 69,702-square-foot building with eight dwelling units.

Per the plans, floors one through three of the building will each have two dwelling units per floor. The fourth floor and penthouse will each have parts of two duple units.

The plans were permitted in December of 2020.

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