RiseBoro, Slate file plans for 215-unit mixed-use building in Brownsville

RiseBoro Community Partnership and Slate Property Group on May 23, filed a permit application for construction of a 215-unit, 156,356-square-foot residential building at 326 Rockaway Avenue in Brownsville. Emily Kurtz of RiseBoro filed the plans. According to the plans, the dwelling units will be NPISA units, meaning philanthropic or non-profit institution with sleeping accommodations.

Last year it was reported that RiseBoro would be partnering with Slate Property Group for the development, after they purchased the site for $8.4 million on June 2, 2021. According to the report, it was the first time the developers would be partnering for a project and they anticipated spending $110 million on the development.

The plans call for the construction of a 155-foot tall, 14-story mixed-use building.

The project is described in the filings as: construct new 14-story mixed-use residential and community facility building as per plans filed.

Per the plans, the ground floor of the building will have a community room, recreation room, and 20 dwelling units. Floors two through four will each have 36 dwelling units per floor, the fifth floor will have nine units and recreation space, floors six through 10 will each have 10 units per floor, and floors 11 through 14 will each have seven dwelling units per floor. The cellar will have a play area.

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