Phipps Houses permitted for 354-unit mixed-use building in Far Rockaway

Phipps Houses, on February 17, was given a permit for construction of a 354-unit, 409,662-square-foot mixed-use building at 17-21 Redfern Avenue in Far Rockaway, Queens. Matthew Kelly, vice president with Phipps Houses, filed the plans. The building also uses the address 1626 Village Lane.

The building is part of Phase three of the Rockaway Village development, a multi-phase, eight-building complex which will bring retail, community space, and 1,700 affordable dwelling units.

The plans were filed along with new building plans for a 55-unit, 68,871-square-foot, 98-foot tall, 10-story, mixed-use building at 20-12 Mott Avenue and a 129-unit, 155,398-square-foot, 150-foot tall, 15-story, mixed-use building at 21-02 Mott Avenue.

Marvel Architects is the architect for all three projects.

The plans, pre-filed on May 8, 2020, call for the construction of a 123-foot tall, 12-story mixed-use building.

The project is described in the filings as: construct new twelve-story mixed-use building as per plans filed.

The ground floor of the building, according to the plans, will have a laundry room, children’s playroom, an exercise room, lobby, and 31 dwelling units. The remainder of the dwelling units will span floors two through 12. The building’s cellar will have an office, storage space, and parking for 188 spaces.

Demolition of the building that previously occupied the property was completed in 2019.

The property was acquired for $370,000 on June 28, 2016.

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