Make the call: New development condo prospecting tips

There have been 11 new condominium development projects submitted this month to the New York State Attorney General’s office for review, with a total of 178 units. That’s according to a review of new condo data as compiled by PincusCo Media. The total sellout for those condos is $171 million, or just under $1 million per residential unit.

As usual for the past few years, most of the projects are in Brooklyn, with eight of the 11. Queens had two and the Bronx had one. Each new condo offers an opportunity for investors, brokers, contractors and other professionals.

Call the sponsors of new projects and pitch your services: Residential brokers, mortgage brokers, contractors, appliance sellers and more, can view the list to identify potential new clients.

Call the sponsors of old projects and offer to buy bulk: The database can be filtered by date, by neighborhood, by sponsor and other metrics. Reach out to sponsors of slow-selling projects and offer to buy a package of units.

Call the sponsors of old projects and pitch your services: Older projects that are not sold out can be a targets for new brokers who would offer to take over the sales office. It’s also a target for a condo inventory loan.

Call owners near fast-selling condos, and use this to pitch them to sell.

PincusCo offers a Premium plan for $100 per month, which provides access to a sortable, filterable online database, updated daily. The page includes sponsor’s name, the date of the filing, the number of residential units, the sellout price and other information. To buy the package which bills $100 monthly —  and which can be cancelled at any time — go here. We also offer custom data packages, with a price based accordingly. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Here is a screenshot of the database, click to expand:

Updated New Development Condo database as of Aug. 16, 2021
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