Investor files $7M plan to convert 2-story commercial to 11-story residential in Elmhurst

Helen Sy, representing FHM Roosevelt Family LP, on June 19, filed a permit application for a $7 million project to convert a two-story commercial building to an 11-story, 79-unit residential building at 86-10 Roosevelt Avenue in Elmhurst.

The plans call for the increase in the size of the building from a 28-foot-tall, 2-story commercial building to a 115-foot-tall, 11-story residential building.

The project is described in the filings as: propose vertical enlargement of nine addition floors to convert existing two-story commercial building to 11-story mixed-use building to supersede alt1#402021049. Obtain new certificate of occupancy. The initial cost as reported in the DOB filing for the work described in this permit application is $6,958,600.

The project will remove office space from the ground floor, leaving just retail space, according to the plans. The second floor offices will be converted to ambulatory diagnostic or treatment health care facilities. Floors three through six will each have 11 apartment units, three of which will be affordable units on each floor. The seventh floor will have 10 apartment units, two of which will be affordable units. Floors eight and nine will each have nine apartment units, two on each floor will be affordable units. The 10th floor will have seven units, with two being affordable. The 11th floor will be used for a tenant recreation area. The building will have parking space for 49 cars on the cellar level and parking space for 41 cars on the second floor level.

Raymond Chan Architect P.C. is the architect on the application.

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