Google files plans for $92.7M project to increase occupancy at the Milk Building in Chelsea

Google, on April 11, filed plans for a $92.7M project to increase the occupancy at the Milk Building at 450 West 15th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan. The project will also add a lecture hall, cafeteria, and a third egress staircase to the building.

Google has now filed plans for $136,277,229 of work at the building in the previous 12 months. Recently, on April 5, Google filed plans for a $18.9 million rehab of several floors of the building.

The property was acquired for $591.8 million on May 22, 2019 from Jamestown Properties. The building, known as the Milk Building, is connected to Chelsea Market by a sky bridge. Google purchased the Chelsea Market from Jamestown Properties for $2.5 billion. At the time of the purchase, it was the second largest single sale in the history of NYC.

The plan calls for no increase in size of the 119-foot tall, nine-story building. This was filed with the New York City Department of Buildings under job number M00645024.

The project is described in the filing as: Alt CO filed to increase occupancy, establish PAs throughout the building and add a third egress stair.

Per the plans, the a lecture hall will be added to the second floor, while a cafeteria will be added to the eighth floor. The changes to the maximum number of people permitted on each floor are as follows: first floor changes from 679 to 101, second floor from 260 to 399, third floor from 260 to 203, fourth floor from 125 to 229, fifth floor 215 to 217, sixth floor 280 to 227, seventh floor 170 to 228, eighth floor 200 to 382.

The architect listed is M Moser Associates.

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