Fordham University files plans for $2.3M rehab of campus building

Fordham University, on May 14, filed a permit application for a $2,320,000 rehab of a building at 499 East Fordham Road in the Bronx.

The plans call for work to be done on the roof, basement, “OSP”, “MEZ”, and floors 1 through 3 of the 54-foot, 4-story building.

The plans as stated as: renovation of the Thebaud Hall including boiler room, 001 floor offices, minor scope on 002-003 floors and roof; temporary change of egress. associated plumbing scope is filed under “dob now” job#x00346092, associated mechanical scope is filed under “DOB now” job#x00344730. no change of use or occupancy.

The work will be done by Kouzmanoff Bainton Architects.

Direct link to DOB document. LINK

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