Extell seeks to increase planned hotel in Midtown by 81K sf to 639K sf

Extell Development has revealed plans to facilitate the transfer of 81,407-square-feet of floor area from the Ambassador Theatre, located at 219 West 49th Street, to 740 Eighth Avenue, where the developer is planning to construct a 1,350-key hotel. The transfer would increase the size of the proposed hotel to 639,498-square-feet.

Below are zoning diagrams of the hotel.

Back in June of 2020 the developer filed plans for a 164-foot tall, 10-story, 194,552-square-foot office building at the site. Those plans were than changed to a 541,428-square-foot hotel building with 1,350 rooms. The hotel plans were permitted in January.

Now, Extell plans to increase the size of the proposed hotel.

Below is a tax map of the development site.

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