David Kornitzer seeks rezoning to build 378-unit mixed-use building in Soundview

David Kornitzer through the company Clason Point LLC, is requesting a zoning map amendment, zoning text amendment, and special permit pursuant to Section 78-312 of the NYC zoning resolution to modify the Shorehaven Large Scale Residential Development in order to facilitate the development of a 427,198-square-foot mixed-used development with 378 dwelling units at 255 Soundview Avenue in Soundview, Bronx.

The developer seeks a zoning map amendment to rezone Block 3455, Lot 1 from R3-2/C1-1 to R6-1/C1-1. The rezoning area extends at a depth of approximately 69 feet west from Soundview Avenue, at a depth of approximately 64 feet west from White Plains Road, and at a depth of approximately 20 feet east from Bolton Avenue. In total, the proposed rezoning area comprises approximately 66,116-square-feet.

The requested actions would facilitate the development of an 11-story, 427,198-square-foot mixed-used development containing approximately 378 dwelling units, approximately 95 of which would be affordable through the MIH program. The building would also have 9,391-square-feet of local retail space. In total, the site would incorporate two separate privately-owned and publicly accessible courtyards each measuring 11,344-square-feet.

Below is a project location map for the project.

The developer purchased the site for $5,250,000 back in 2018, according to city records.

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