Change from retail to restaurant in three-story Soho condo

On May 26, filed plans were filed to convert part of three levels from retail to a triplex eating and drinking establishment at 374 Broadway in Soho, which also has an address 378 Broadway. The unit is owned by City Storage Systems and net leased to Premier Equities. It was an entity controlled by City Storage that was identified as the owner in the filing.

The plans call for a change in use to a portion of the ground floor, the cellar and subcellar of the 117,020-square-feet, 163-unit, mixed-use condominium building.

The plans are stated as: Change of use at commercial tenant space with interior general construction work for minor interior partitions as per plan. All lighting work for energy code compliance filed under 123699275. All associated fence, mechanical, structural, sprinkler and plumbing work filed under dob now build.

The plans show that part of the “SUB”, cellar, and ground floor will each be converted to 1/3 of a triplex eating and drinking establishment. The “SUB” section is currently used for laundry, utility, and storage purposes. The cellar portion is currently used for retail space, while the ground floor portion is currently used for retail and a residential lobby.

The work will be done by Sarah Carpenter, Architect, PLLC.

Direct link to DOB document. LINK

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