Aryeh Simon files plans for 54-unit resi building in Brownsville

Aryeh Simon, on April 7, filed a permit application for construction of a 54-unit, 42,297-square-foot residential building at 203 Sutter Avenue in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The plans call for the construction of a new building. However, according to the job description, the project is a horizontal and vertical enlargement to an existing four-story building.

The comments in the plan state that the application is being refiled from an approved Alt 1, job number 320624712.

Those plans, pre-filed back in 2015 and permitted the same year, call four the increase in size and change in use of a building at the site. The plans call for the conversion of a 45-foot tall, four-story, 15,160-square-foot building with no dwelling units to a 74-foot tall, seven-story, 42,297-square-foot building with 54 dwelling units.

These plans call for the construction of a 74-foot-tall, seven-story building and were filed with the New York City Department of Buildings under job number B00700725.

The development site spans one tax lot. The lot width is 100 feet.

The project is described in the filing as: horizontal and vertical enlargement to existing four-story building.

Per the plans, the ground floor of the building will have a residential lobby, community space, and two commercial spaces. Floors two through four will each have 11 dwelling units per floor, floors five and six will each have eight dwelling units per floor, and the seventh floor will have three dwelling units. The cellar will have recreation space.

The architect listed is Studio Gallos Architecture.

The property was acquired for $5.6 million on August 8, 2017.

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