Amalgamated Warbasse Houses files plans for $15.9M mechanical upgrade Coney Island building

Amalgamated Warbasse Houses, on July 11, filed plans for a $15.9M mechanical upgrade of a building at 2770 West 5th Street in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

The plans call for work on floors one through 24 of the 210-foot-tall, 24-story building and were filed with the New York City Department of Buildings under job number B00754765.

The project is described in the filing as: mechanical upgrade on floors one through 24 and roof with related general construction as per plans including new riser, pump replacement, new fan coils, renovation of existing pump room with new platform on first, and minor ceiling and roof work throughout.

Direct link to Acris documents. LINK

Direct link to DOB NOW Public Portal. LINK

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