Top 200 buyers of NYC commercial real estate in 2022

Top Commercial Real Estate Buyers NYC 2022

SL Green Realty, Black Spruce Management and Google were the top commercial real estate buyers in New York City in 2022, by dollar amount. Ranking by the number of deals closed, the top three were Carlyle Group, A&E Real Estate Holdings and Chestnut Holdings. The ranking is based on PincusCo Media data. Some of the firms ranked are among the largest real estate companies in New York City, but others are new to the market.

Within the more than $41 billion in commercial property sales closed in New York City in 2022, new buyers emerged and some long-time players stepped back. Macro economic shifts forced buyers to reconsider their plans in the middle of the year. Yet despite the rise in interest rates, the ongoing friction between rent-regulated property owners and the city and state, development challenges and other headwinds, thousands of properties traded hands.

PincusCo Media ranked buyers for deals where we could identify the true owner, covering most investment sales transactions of $2 million and up. This analysis covers 2,980 transactions with a true owner, totaling $41 billion.

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The chart immediately below is a monthly summary of the investment sales deals tracked in this analysis.


The top 15 investment sales for the year:

wdt_ID buyer volume no. of deals
1 SL Green Realty 2,147,483,647 2
2 Black Spruce Management 2,049,500,000 5
3 Google 1,972,915,898 1
4 Orbach Affordable Housing Solutions 1,212,500,000 4
5 Extell Development 1,151,355,000 4
6 A&E Real Estate Holdings 1,105,161,697 18
7 Blackstone Group 1,011,750,000 3
8 Zeckendorf Development 571,825,846 2
9 CBRE Investment Management 560,447,600 2
10 Carlyle Group 512,089,413 91
buyer volume no. of deals

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