PincusCo updates website

Dear Readers,

PincusCo Media updated its website with new features and navigation formats.


-The color of the main navigation bar was changed from red to blue. Why? The website template originally did not allow any color other than red, but now allows a range of colors. We selected blue as the new color.

-PincusCo now offers two free newsletters, whereas before it only offered one. The first newsletter, called Transfers, is a daily email sent at 8 a.m. each weekday that reports on sale and loan filings recorded the previous day with New York City’s Department of Finance in Acris. PincusCo has offered this newsletter since July 2019. The new newsletter, Development Leads, is an email that reports on filings recorded with New York City’s Department of Buildings and other agencies. The email will become a daily email but is currently in beta mode and is sent several times per week.

-To browse recent Transfers or Development Leads, hover over Sectors in the main navigation bar and select one of those from the dropdown menu.

-To sign up for our Free Newsletters, click on the link here and register.

-Most of the site is behind a paywall. To read the articles, also known as Posts, readers need to subscribe at a cost of $10 per month. Subscribe here.  The subscription gives access to both Transfers and Development Leads.


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