Help USA issued TCO for 57-unit residential building in East New York

Help USA, on May 5, was issued a temporary certificate of occupancy for construction of a 57-unit, 58,547-square-foot residential building at 463 Livonia Avenue in East New York.

The plans call for the construction of a 74-foot tall, seven-story, residential building.

The project is described in the filings as: proposed seven-story, mixed-use building.

Plans show that the ground floor will be split between commercial space, a lobby, offices, and a community facility. The residential units begin on the second floor, where eight units will be in addition to a terrace and residential deck. Floors three through six have 11 dwelling units each, and the seventh floor has five units as well as a terrace and residential deck.

Magnusson Architecture Planning was the architect for the project.

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