Billion-dollar delivery company Getir abandons lease in Carnegie Hill: Suit

181 East 101st Street (Credit - Google)

181 East 101st Street (Credit - Google)

The Turkish fast grocery delivery company Getir stopped paying rent and abandoned its location at a commercial condominium unit 181 East 101st Street in Carnegie Hill, Manhattan, according to a complaint filed August 23, 2023 in New York State Supreme Court. 654071/2023

The landlord, WW1834 LLC, controlled by Daniel Klaynberg’s Wonder Works Construction, is seeking the entire unpaid rent over the 10-year lifetime of the lease, or $1.48 million.
This is at least the fourth action against Getir alleging unpaid rent in Manhattan over the past several months. Getir was valued at as much as $11.8 billion last year.

Court filings represent the position of one party and are not necessarily accurate or complete.

At this location, Getir as tenant signed a ten-year lease with a starting rent of $12,636 per month. Getir has announced several rounds of staff cuts including in 2022 and this week announced another reduction in force.

According to the complaint, “Tenant defaulted in the payment of $360.00 for the Fixed Rent for April 2023, $12,951.90 for the Fixed Rent for June 2023, and $12,951.90 for the Fixed Rent for July 2023…on August 8, 2023, Tenant informed Landlord that it had abandoned the Demised Premises and surrendered its possession without proper notice or justification… Landlord has not consented to Tenant’s surrender. As a result, Plaintiff is entitled to a judgment against Defendant in an amount to be determined by the Court but not less than $1,482,759.68.”

There are at lease three other nonpayment cases against Getir for Manhattan locations, at 161 East 125th Street (Nassau 608210/2023), 41 John Street (Manhattan LT-311761-23/NY) and 1412 First Avenue (Manhattan LT-315530-23/NY).

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