Top mid-market developers include Jiashu Xu, Yisroel Greenfeld: Analysis

Yisroel Greenfeld's 65 4th Ave

By Atticus O’Brien-Pappalardo

Since the start of 2019, over 530 unique developers have filed plans for the construction for residential buildings with between 10 and 30 dwelling units around the city. Those plans combined to call for the construction of over 12,000 dwelling units. There have been more than 100 unique developers who filed multiple new building plans for buildings in that size range during the period, and 16 who filed four or more plans. PincusCo took an in depth look at those plans to find out which developers have been the most active over the last few years

PincusCo looked at all new building plans filed in New York City since January 1, 2019, that called for the construction of a building that was at least 2,000-square-feet in size with between 10 and 30 residential dwelling units. The analysis removed all projects marked as withdrawn.

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development was behind the most new building plans, with 31. The plans ranged in size from 10 to 26 dwelling units and combined to call for 454 dwelling units.

Yisroel Greenfeld was behind 10 plans, all for new buildings in Brooklyn. The plans ranged in size from 13 to 30 dwelling units, and combined to call for 199 dwelling units, the second most after the HPD. The largest plans, in terms of dwelling units, called for the construction of a 20,943-square-foot, 30-unit building at 65 4th Avenue in Park Slope.

Ardit Dekaj filed nine plans for the construction of a total of 129 dwelling units, all in the Bronx. The plans ranged in size from 13 to 17 dwelling units. All of the plans called for the construction of buildings less than 12,000-square-feet in size.

Chris Jiashu Xu’s United Construction & Development Group was behind eight plans, the four most during the time examined. All of the plans were for three-story buildings with 12 dwelling units in the Woodside neighborhood of Queens. The plans were filed between July 27, 2021, and September 13, 2021.

Moses Freund’s VAJA Group has filed seven new building plans, calling for the construction of 143 dwelling units, the third most units of any developer looked at in the analysis.

Below are the developers with the most total dwelling units filed for, in buildings with 10 to 30 dwelling units, since the start of 2019.

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