Solomon Feder files plans for 165-unit residential building in Astoria

Solomon Feder through the company Fourth Development Holdings LLC, on September 8, filed a permit application for construction of a 165-unit, 171,650-square-foot residential building at 26-25 4th Street in Astoria.

The plans call for the construction of a 204-foot tall, 18-story residential building.

The project is described in the filings as: multi-story residential building.

According to the plans, sub-cellar one, sub-cellar two, and the cellar will each have one dwelling unit and a recreation space. The basement will have a residential lobby and mail room. The ground floor will have three dwelling units, while floors two through four will each have 13. The fifth floor will have an exercise room, lounge, co-working space, and an outdoor passive recreation space. Floors six through 17 will each have 10 dwelling units. The roof will add an additional passive recreation space. In total, the building will have 101 enclosed parking spaces.

J Frankl Architects is listed as the architect on the filing.

Demolition plans were filed in September of 2019 for the two-story commercial building on the property. The plans are currently awaiting permits.

An estimated completion date has not yet been announced.

On July 6, Feder filed plans for construction of a 171-unit, 130,855-square-foot residential building at 1640 Flatbush Avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. The plans were disapproved on August 13, however.

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