PincusCo January 2020 NYC loan report

The PincusCo January 2020 loan report found that there were 312 loans valued at $11.2 billion recorded last month in New York City. That was a dollar volume decrease of 26 percent from December 2019. Banks provided just over half of the total debt, with private lenders taking the second spot.

The most active asset class was office buildings, which accounted for $3.2 billion of January’s lending, while multifamily accounted for $2.6 billion (that analysis excluded new construction lending).

And despite the uncertainty surrounding multifamily assets, there was remarkable stability from December to January. Each month saw $2.6 billion in debt. In January, that was spread over 160 loans, and in December it was spread over 159 loans.

To see more details, please download the report in Excel: PincusCo January 2020 Loan Report

SOURCE: PincusCo Media looked at loans totaling $5 million and up that were recorded in January 2020 and December 2019 in Acris. For loans with multiple lenders, each lender was credited with an amount equal to the loan total divided by the number of lenders.

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