PincusCo Basic Financing Excel Guide

Subscribers to PincusCo Media’s Basic and Premium level have access to Excel documents updated daily with loan information including total value, true owner, borrower signatory, loan type (construction, refinance, etc.), prior lender and more. Subscribers get the files sent to them daily via email.

To access the data and get the most out of it, please review this guide.

1) Navigate to PincusCo Media, and click on Data

2) Scroll down and click on Subscriber Data Access under Loan and Sales

3) Click on the day you’d like to review. These are updated daily.

4) Open the Excel file and review the 26 column headers.

5) From left to right they are:

Total loan                                  Loan total following analysis of various loan documents.
BORROWER PINCUSCO      True owner behind the LLC, either an individual or a company.
BORROWER ACRIS               Owner entity in Acris, typically an LLC.
BORROWER SIGNATORY   Signatory for the borrower on the loan documents.
LENDER PINCUSCO             True lender” which is typically the same as the Acris lender, but occasionally the lender is shielded by an LLC and we seek to unmask that.
LENDER ACRIS                     Lender in Acris
LENDER SIGNATORY Lender signatory, but most of the time there is no signatory.
Commercial/Residential      Type of asset. If there are multiple, this simply reflects one random property.
CRFN                                        Key that allows a user to immediately go to the document. CRFN is an acronym for City Register File Number and is a unique identifier for transactions.
Combo BBLs                           Up to five BBLs that are part of a multi-property transaction.
Doc Date                                  The closing date for the loan.
Recorded / Filed                    The date the transaction was recorded with the city.
Tax Class                                 The Department of City Planning or Finance tax class for the property. If there are multiple properties, it is the tax class for one random property.
TAX CLASS LANGUAGE    City’s description of the particular tax class.
Total Count for CRFN          Number of parcels in the loan package.
TOTAL RES UNITS              Number of residential units in the loan package.
LAST CHANGE                     Notes on the transaction.
Loan Type                               Type of loan, either new construction, rehab construction, refi, acquisition, initial or assignment. Construction loans are loans with “building loans;” “initial” loans representthe first time the borrower has placed debt on the property that is not recenlty purchased.
Prior lender                           The originator of the prior loan.
Prior loan amount                The maximum amount of the prior loan.
Property Link                        Link to the property record.