Nicotra Group files plans for a $1.6M tenant build out of Staten Island office building

Nicotra Group, on June 23, filed a permit application for a $1.6 million tenant build out on the sixth floor at the office building at 1441 South Avenue in Bloomfield, Staten Island.

The plans call for a tenant build out of the sixth floor of the 114-foot tall, 8-story, office building.

The project is described in the filings as: interior tenant build out in new building to accommodate Extended MLTC. MEP filed in DOB NOW: Build S00358757, S00360537.

Extended MLTC is a New York State Department of Health approved Managed Long Term Care Plan.

The build out will be done by Rotwein & Blake, according to the plans.

In January, Nicotra filed plans for a $358,050 tenant build out of the ground floor, for Pienza Restaurant. Plans were filed again for a rehab of the second floor, on June 15.

Richard Nicotra of Nicotra Group filed plans to construct the building, as a component of the Corporate Park of Staten Island, on August 10, 2017. The plans called for a 328,319-square-foot office building with retail space on the ground floor and school space on floors three through five. The building was designed by CetraRuddy.

Direct link to DOB document. LINK

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