David Bistricer of Clipper Equity, Cheskie Weisz of CW Realty borrow $27M from Bank Leumi for development site in Williamsburg

David Bistricer of Clipper Equity and Cheskie Weisz of CW Realty through the entity Hope-Keap Owner LLC as borrower signed a loan agreement with lender Bank Leumi USA valued at $27.2 million for 3 parcels, including the tax class two-family, converted (from one family) (B3) and containing 7 residential units at 426 Rodney Street, 428 Rodney Street, 118 Hope Street (also known as 134 Hope Street) in Williamsburg. The deal closed on January 15, 2020 and was recorded on January 29, 2020.

The last time one of these properties sold was January 15, 2020, for $2,999,900.

Direct link to Acris document. link
Direct link to the city’s interactive property map, ZOLA. link

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