ABS Partners Real Estate pays $4.5M for property in Astoria

ABS Partners Real Estate through the entity Abs Steinway Acquisition Iii LLC paid Ronnie Stause’s Stern-Steinway Properties, LLC $4.5 million for 31-59 Steinway Street in Astoria. The deal closed on February 1, 2021 and was recorded on February 12, 2021. The transaction consists of 1 parcel, including the tax class one-story store building (K1)The property is 5,624 square feet. The parcel(s) have total development potential of 5,624 square feet.
The average sale price per square foot is $794. The signatory for the buyer was Gregg Schenker.

The contract date was February 1, 2021, the same as the closing date.
Direct link to Acris document. link

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