31 Monroe Place Owner LLC pays $6M to 31 Monroe Place, LLC for property in Brooklyn Heights

31 Monroe Place Owner LLC paid 31 Monroe Place, LLC $6.0 million for 31 Monroe Place in Brooklyn Heights. The deal closed on October 3, 2019, and was recorded on October 9, 2019. The transaction consists of 1 parcel, including the tax class multifamily, over six families without stores (C1) and containing 9 residential units. The property is 9,950 square feet. The parcel(s) have total development potential of 9,950 square feet.
The average sale price per square foot is $698.

The last time the property sold was March 28, 2005, for $2,250,000.

Direct link to Acris document. link
Direct link to the city’s interactive property map, ZOLA. link

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