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If disorganized operations and inefficient workflows are hindering your growth, you’re not alone. Many real estate entrepreneurs face these challenges, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Efficient workflows and seamless operations can help you scale your business effortlessly and effectively.

That’s where Agora comes in. Our comprehensive solutions make real estate investment management easier than ever before, providing the efficient workflows and seamless operations you deserve. Whether you want to raise capital faster, provide your investors with the best investing experience, effortlessly manage your active investments, or simplify your reporting, Agora has you covered - and it’s all within one comprehensive platform.

How this benefits you
Raise capital faster, real easy
Enhance your fundraising processes and market new offerings with ease. With advanced features like prospect management, public brochures, shared data rooms, and custom online subscriptions and signatures, you are enabled to focus on growth for your business.
Provide your investors with the best investing experience
With our modern, intuitive, and secure Investor Portal, you can finally give your investors the transparency they deserve while also improving your professional image.
Manage your active investments effortlessly
Streamline back office processes with one comprehensive platform that provides automated waterfall calculations and payments, reporting, document management, and more.
Simplify all ongoing reporting
Automate investor reporting, from distribution notices to quarterly reports. Provide customized and personalized reports in just a click.
Integrate financial services
Streamline your firm's financial operations by integrating Agora’s expert tax and bookkeeping services. Our tech-driven approach ensures seamless financial reporting and tax compliance. Save time while cutting costs with Agora’s dedicated CPAs and bookkeepers.
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